World Space India is no more!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yes , Its confirmed . When you would turn on your world space on 1st of January , you would get no song , no channel ,no ads from it. Today i got the call from one of my store stating that World Space is going to quit India from 1st of next month. First i was shocked , then i tried to call the local World Space representative , his phone was unavailable. Then i called its customer care and there i got the news that yes , its true. It was a shocking news for all Music lover and also concernful for those who just invested in it or in its subscription. World Space India is a part of WorldSpace, Inc which has been been under bankruptcy protection since October 2008. India is a major market for company as almost 95% contribution come from here. On refund of unused services , the company is denying to give any claim.

According to reports, US-based media company Liberty Media has already bought out WorldSpace’s liabilities from its creditors. Interestingly, Liberty Media holds 40% stake in Sirius XM Radio and as per reports, chief executives of both the companies had said that there is a possibility of a joint Sirius XM/Liberty Media global satellite radio venture between the two.

WorldSpace has offered a claim procedure to be undertaken next year under US bankruptcy law. However, more than the claims, what bothers Indian subscribers most is the discontinuation of a quality music service, which Indian FM channels have failed to provide.

Future Value Retail :A fancy name for Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar

Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar = Future Value Retail..

Finally the decision has come from Future Group MD , Mr. Kishore Biyani this week. All pantaloons employees were shot a mail about this stating the changes from 1st of January.
According to me these changes have made to focus more on their target customer . I think it is a smart move as it will help building a strong brand name in mind of customers and they also will be able to relate the stores with them. As Wal-Mart has already began its operations in India and in expanding mode , it is crucial to be very clear for PRIL on its branding strategies.
Currently there are around 120 Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar stores across India and company is planning to make it to 140 in 4 to 5 years of span.
They also have come out with a decision to limit their KB's Fair Shop format to Mumbai , Delhi and Bangalore. Company has the plan to open 1200 stores and want to be penetrated across these cities.

A new beginning in Advertising : ZooZoo by Vodafone

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ZooZoo is the new revolution in advertisement in India. Everyone loves them and now watching ad has become much funnier than ever. ZooZoo are the characters which is being used in Vodafone Advertisement for VAS (Value Added Services). These ads are designed by keeping in focus of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE - Season 2. The idea of the company is to introduce one new ad daily during the course of IPL.
The Chracter ZooZoo is the discovery of O&M (Ogilvy & Mather India) , an advertisement agency, and the company has made ads for Fevicol , Amaron , Perfetti , etc.
One thing i really like about Vodafone that they always come up with creative way of advertising. They never used any celebrity in their ads unlike their rivals in india. That cute puppy of Vodafone was a huge brand recall for the company.
Such innovation did wonders for company as the campaign got wide success and that too without spending any huge amount on celebrities. And this ZooZoo campaign is going in the same way.

Here are all the ZooZoo ads in one Video